Filatori offers customized and made-to-measure products. Therefore it does not offer free returns. However, each Filatori customer is covered by our special “ Perfect Fit ” guarantee. The guarantee can be activated only once for each product category available in the catalog (for example: trousers, T-shirt), and in a different way between categories, in the following three cases:

  • If the product received does not correspond to the design specifications ordered (colour, fabric, fit, garment length, etc.) or to the selected fabric;
  • If the garment was produced with a manufacturing defect or with excessive discrepancies (more than 2 cm per size) compared to the measurements provided by the customer when ordering, including the margins considered according to the fit requested by the customer (for example: slim , regular). 
  • If the fit of the garment does not fully meet the customer's expectations, despite a process of taking measurements consistent with the indications provided on the store

Filatori cannot assume any responsibility for the correctness of the measurements entered by the customer on the store when ordering.

Claims for sweat stains or discoloration do not constitute activation of the PERFECT FIT guarantee.


The PERFECT FIT guarantee in the T-Shirt product category is expressed in the free replacement of the garment, as well as in the updating of the customer's measurement profile in the store, to allow maximum consistency of subsequent orders.

Any replacements subsequent to the activation of the PERFECT FIT guarantee for the same product category are at the complete discretion of the Filatori team. 

In the event that a customer has already made use of the guarantee for the product category in question, and wishes to make further changes to the size profile on the store for further future purchases, he is invited to contact our customer service by sending an email to support to be assisted free of charge by one of our style advisors and guided through the procedure.


To be entitled to the activation of the PERFECT FIT guarantee, the customer must contact our Customer Service by sending an email to within 15 days of receiving the order, entering the following as the subject of the email: Name, Surname, Number order and text “PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE”.

The customer will be asked to measure and/or wear the ordered garment and to share this information with our support team with appropriate supporting documentation (for example photos). 

The Filatori support team will provide the customer with an e-mail response regarding the activation or otherwise of the PERFECT FIT guarantee within 7 days from the date of receipt of the guarantee activation request e-mail from the customer. In the event of a positive outcome, a style advisor from the Filatori team will update the customer's measurement profile on the store following the necessary corrections.

Within 7 days of confirmation of activation of the PERFECT FIT guarantee, so that the garment is produced in line with the updated size profile within the standard delivery times (7-14 days), the customer will send the defective garment (complete with card) to the following address:

Le Blu srl Unipersonale

Via degli artisans n.9 80040 san Sebastiano al Vesuvio (NA)

Please note that the customer is responsible for the return shipping costs. We invite you to use a courier that allows the monitoring and confirmation of the delivery of the items through the proprietary computer systems. 

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