We are a clothing-tech brand based in Italy, specialized in the production of bespoke essentials.

We are based on 3 principles

Modern, custom-fit style

T-shirts and knitwear are the first chapters of our story. Our dream is to reinvent the concept of made-to-measure clothing, reinterpreting all the essential, timeless garments of every wardrobe. Each of our garments is fitted on the body of each individual customer. Our mission is to guarantee the best possible fit, enhancing every body.

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Maximum value for money

Made-to-order production model , production skills, innovative order management software and direct-to-consumer strategy allow us to guarantee products with very high perceived value for the customer, from the best fit to the finest fabrics, all at reasonable prices, maximizing customer's value for money.

Responsible production

We eliminate overproduction. You order it, we produce it. Nothing more, nothing less. In this way, we can best adapt each garment to the individual customer. A win-win. We are the natural upgrade of the mass production concept. Our innovative business model allows us to achieve very high levels of production efficiency, avoiding waste of raw materials.

With these 3 principles we feed our mission on a daily basis. To contribute to the Re-engineering of the clothing industry.

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Our mission

Slow down the frenetic pace of the fashion industry and transform the way we produce, market and consume. The industry generates over 90 million tons of waste and contributes 10% of global carbon emissions each year. There is a need for change, urgently. That's why we focus on creating timeless essentials and restoring meaning to the clothes we use most. Join us in our mission to redefine fashion and create a more sustainable future for all.

The future is Custom!

Our aim? To excite and engage more customers with personalization of the garment, ensuring the best possible fit, as well as constantly innovating our range of essentials, with the ultimate aim of inspiring other brands to change gears and join us in our mission to reengineering the clothing industry for the planet and for the people. The customer at the center of everything, first of all.

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filatori metro forbici sartoriale su misura nero video tutorial sartorialità concetto made to order made to measure future

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